Pilbara Prickly Pear from Pilbara Prase (Australia) Amethyst (Canada) Jasper (AZ)
Hummingbird from Sodalite (Brazil) Pilbara Prase (Australia) Turquoise (Mexico) Agate (AZ)
Hummingbird from Sodalite (Brazil) Mariposite (Ca) Agate (AZ)
Tree of Life from various minerals
Bird from Petrified Wood (Navajo County)
Butterfly from Agate (Santa Cruz County) Obsidian(USA) Sodalite(Brazil) Malachite (Africa)
Prickly Pear Statue from Mayer Onyx (Mayer AZ) and Red Jasper (SantaCruz County)
Prickly Pear Statue from Jasper (Australia) and Red Jasper (Gila County)
Mineral Tree of Life
Saguaro from Purple Chalcedony (Santa Cruz County) Pastelite (Burro Creek)
Saguaro from Agate (Pima County) Purple Chalcedony (Santa Cruz County)
Old World Cross from Quartz (Brazil) Malachite (DRoC) and Red Jasper (Santa Cruz County)
Saguaro from Agate (Catron County NM) and Agate (Brazil)
Tree from Gila Onyx (Gila County) and Amethyst (Brazil)
Old World Cross from Amethyst and Quartz Crystals (Brazil)
Assorted Cactus
Assorted Birds and Butterfly
Saguaro from Jade and Lapiz Lazuli
Cross from Amethyst and Sodalite
Angles from Jasper and Petrified Wood
Birds and Butterfly
Agate Lizard
Bird from Marra Mamba
Free-Standing Saguaro from Quarz Crystal (Brazil) Obsidian (USA)
Cross from Sodalite (Brazil) Quartz (Brazil)
Saguaro from Mookaite (Australia) Chrysoprase (Australia)
Saguaro from Sodalite (Brazil) Obsidian (USA)
Cross from Sodalite (Mex) Amethyst (Uruguay) Obsidian (USA)
Butterfly from Agate (AZ) Amethyst (Brazil) Quartz (Brazil) Obsidian(AZ)
Air Plant Holder Amethyst (Canada) Amazonite (Madagascar) Malachite (DRoC) Petrified Wood (AZ)
Air Plant Holder with Air Plants
Angel from Malachite (DRoC) Agate Geode (Brazil) Red Chalcedony (AZ) Rose Quartz
Face from Agate (Brazil) Quartz Geode (Santa Cruz County) Ameythyst Geode (Uruguay) Obsidian and Chalcedony (USA)
Planter from Wave Dolomite (Mex), Malachite (DRoC) Red and Yellow Chalcedony (AZ) Obsidian (USA) Chrysoprase (Astralia)
Sun from Agate Filled Concretion (Burro Creek) and Copper Ore Cactus (Mex)
Angelic Cross from Marble (USA) Malechite (DRoC) Red Chalcedony (AZ) Agate (AZ)
Crystal Saguaro from Quartz Crystal (Brazil) and Amethyst (Uruguay)
Giant Saguaro from Quartzite (Pima County) Dumortierite (Mex) and Green Chalcedony (Or)
Bird from Amazonite (Madagascar) Agate (AZ) Sodalite (Canada)
Cross from Amazonite (Madagascar) and Obsidian (USA)
Crystal Cross from Quartz Crystal (Brazil) and Amethyst (Uruguay)
Saguaro from Sunset Jasper (Australia) Chrysoprase (Australia)
Cross from Tiger Eye (South Africa) and Obsidian (USA)
Cross from Amethyst (Uruguay) and Malachite Vine (DRC)
Angel from Amethyst (Uruguay, Canada Orange Quartz (Pima County)
Angel from Agate
Cross from Amethyst (Uruguay)
Two Birds from Sodalite, Orange Quartz (Pima County)
Spider from Amethyst (brazil), Obsidian (AZ) & Vine Chrysoprase (Austalia) Agate (Yavapai County)
Saguaro made from black chalcedony and Chrysocolla (Burro Creek)
Bird from Malachite (ROC) Black Chalcedony (Pima County)
Card Holder (Red Chalcedony and Mayer Onyx)
Card Holder with Cards (Red Chalcedony and Mayer Onyx)
Saguaro from Maroon Quartz and Chrysocolla
Bird from Australian Mookaite
Saguaro Tiger Eye and Snowflake Obsidian
Saguaro from Yellow Calcite "Onyx" and Obsidian
Bird from Chrysocolla
Bird from Mookaite
Bird from Lapiz Lazuli and Petrified Wood
Assortment of crosses
Cross made from Red Mine Jasper (AZ) and Malechite (ROC)
Cross from amethyst (Uruguay) and obsidian (AZ)
Spiders from Obsidian (AZ) Amethyst (Morroco) and Agate (USA)
Saguaro from green and black chalcedony (Utah) and agate (Utah)
Cross from quartz points and obsidian
Cross from quartz points and obsidian
Scorpion from red chalcedony and obsidian (UT) and agate (UT)
Cross from Cheveron Amethyst (Brazil) Lace Amethyst (Mexico) Obsidian (AZ)
Scorpion from Sodalite and Obsidian
Bird from Malechite (UT) and Amethyst (Brazil)
Pagan cross from peach agate (Pima County)
assorted birds
Circle from malachite/chrysocolla
Saguaro from amazonite (Virginia) and red chalcedony
Scorpion from white chalcedony (Pima County) and obsidian
Dessert scene from variscite, green agate, brown agate, picture jasper, calcite rabbit.
Horned Lizard from amethyst
Spiders from Obsidian (Arizona), amethyst (Morroco), white agate (Santa Cruz County) green 'epidotized' basalt (Pima County)