About Walt

Walt is an artist, and lapidary from Tucson Arizona. He specializes in creating unique wall hangings that bring out a little of the stone age in all of us.

Walt strives to use only natural stones with no stabilization, dies or fillers. All pieces are made from self collected stones, or stones purchased from reputable dealers. Stones are polished with various diamond lapping wheels, then finished with Tripoli. The stones are never coated with any type of urethane or synthetic coatings. He uses re-purposed electrolytic-tough pitch (ETP) copper, which is typically 99.9 percent pure. The copper is never coated, and will patina naturally with age. No lead or other solders are used, all stones are held in tension with pure solid copper wire.

For comments or suggestions please email me at: walt@safossils.com.

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